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Courtyard Music at Halvorson's

The Halvorson's Courtyard Music Series is back for another year!  In 2023 we raised $28,745 for our Vermont neighbors in need.  With Zero Gravity, Foam, Switchback and Fiddlehead as our community parthers we are back at it for 2024! We have set a fundraising goal of $20,000 this year.

We are looking forward to having you all come out and support local charities, listen to some good music, enjoy some food and drink - you know, have a good time for a good cause!

It makes a difference:  With the monies collected from you, and the sponsorship matches, we are up to $53,164 as the program total, benifitting local organizations.  Again, BIG THANKS To our local breweries and to YOU for making a difference. 


Epic music night

Here's a look at the 2023 schedule.  Thanks so much to those bands that participated.  Please check them out whenever they are playing this Winter!

Zero Gravity May CalendarZG June schedule
Fiddlehead in JulySwitchback August Schedule
Switchback Sept Fiddlehead Oct schedule